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Eric Fischl

There aren’t many artists who paint flesh with the same furious invention as American Neo-Expressionist painter Eric Fischl.

This work from 1996 - on paper - is a celebration of loose visual wonders: shimmering yellows and ochres, velvety brushstrokes, and a figure that seems to float and immerse into a gestural abyss of a past Summer memory.

This work, considered a 'bleed' ( no official margins ), will be housed and presented on a Museum board with the edges of the piece exposed under glass; executed as a 'Float'. Mulberry Paper strips are cut, then formed and pasted into T-Strips with the aid of Wheat Starch Paste; all archival and reversible. It's considered the prep-work before the frame, glass, strainer and fitting enter into the picture.

Reel i of ii | Examination, Preparation and execution for a Museum Float w. Mulberry paper T-Strips and Wheat Starch Paste.


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