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IT takes a long time to make it simple

David Hockney

Take a scroll at some of our latest Profile collections of some of our popular favourites.


Glenora Modern

Our minimalist line-design plays homage to the Glenora Power Station hand Railing.


Our Number One

Our Best Seller - have it finished as you want - so many options and choices - most clients ask us to make the decision.


Riverbend Embankment

Inspired by the slopes of the North Saskatchewan River Valley


The Tapered Effect

Our classic wide Wing - named after the YEG Blatchford Field - a historic landing strip in central Edmonton.  These wings can be 'clipped' to any width, and with the help of our framer, we're happy to guide you.


Good ol' Dana

Grace and proportions can be modified to any scale, any species, any finish.

Image 520.jpg

Roy Lichtenstein

Our close encounter of Roy's work inspired us to mill something specific for him and his Art. The frame profile was so popular it became a staple.


The Front

The Lines of Harry Bertoia with fresh industrial influences of London 1950 Design celebrated here.


Quiet Power Play

With an Interior throat finish it quietly leads the eye from the Art to the frame - softly.


The Skinny

The Frame that started it all.

Our Skinny with a 3/8" Face keeps lines minimal and sharp.


The Tapered Effect

Showing off those corner Deets - in Walnut ( here ) or any other species you wish. Our in house colours -Face Topper - adds elegance and clarity.



Wings and proportions; our Museum Classic - nice enough for the Guggenheim and you!


The Dana ( Holst )

We don't always come up with the best ideas - our friends and clients do as well. Thanks Dana.


The Lichtenstein

A pronounced nose with a graphic punch - a tribute profile to one of favourite Pop Artists'


THE London Line

The influence of Austerity; as Britain was rebuilt after the War, Design was minimal with focus on everything Simple.


The Wensley

The Design of this profile is a clear distinction of rectilinear International Design


Walnut Roll-Top

The Buena Vista in Walnut, Maple and White Oak with or without contrasting Splines



Our Profile Tribute Design to our Legendary Designer pal Dale Nigel Goble; surrounded by great Art, just like him.


Rio Terrace

Named after our 60's neighbour where all the Bungalows shared the same roof-line pitch.


The Haring

Our Keith Haring Tribute Frame. Continuous freedom and spirit of uninterrupted line-work - just like Keith.


Meadowlard Modern

There are 3 response to a piece of Design - yes, no and WOW!

WOW is the one to aim for.

Knoll frame


 Magnificent KNOLL Front Loaders

In Gilded 22C Silver on White Oak - handwaxed / handbuffed


MoMA 60

Celebrated Design from MoMA -replicated. Our extruded metal profile w. welded corners appears as a continuous, polished edge -to the work. An elegant solution for modern presentation.


True Architecture

The stepping and width of this moulding was inspired by the work of James B. Wensley


Buena Vista

Our 80's revival profile named after our Studio's Main Artery. Flair pants and Perms always welcome here at the Studio.


Wow factor

Dale always said "There are 3 responses to a piece of Design - YES, NO and WOW!

WOW is the one to aim for."


Rio Terrace

Our Rios' are available in Cherry, Walnut and White Oak - like many of our other Profiles.


Closed Corner Rounded

Sensually  curvaceous and perfect  for bulbous and soft  graphic works. Spray Lacquer all over with our in-house colours or choose your own - a perfect finish.


Classic Warmth of Modern details

Clean lines, soft forms - no mitre marks in the corners - just you and the art. Perfect for this Jill Stanton original on paper.


  Knoll Frame

 White Oak w. 22 Gold Leaf

Clean lines, soft forms - no mitre marks in the corners - just you and the art.

More Designs coming

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