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Bessie Buchholz | Edmonton

What seems most admirable about the work of Gordon Johnston ( and his team of crafts people ) is the clarity, fresh innovation, detail and humility -

all in very short supply

in today's art world.


Dale Nigel Goble | Duncan, BC

I have been seeing Gordon in various capacities for over 25 years - his framing is where this guy shines. His countless talents, manifold interests and accomplishments crowns him as one of the most influential 

picture framers

 and frame-designers in Canada.

Grateful and lucky to know and have him!


Perry Day | Calgary

If Artists have done their work right, it will complel one to focus on what they have done.

 Beyond their work is a narrow domain that belongs to a different kind of Artist entirely; the framer,  - and if that Artist has done their job right,  it will compel one to not take notice of what he or her has done.  It takes awhile until you notice the sublime beauty of their frames, as the Art

always comes first with these fine people of AAI.

"When I was looking at his work;, the craftsmanship and his artistic production, it all felt like research for his curiosity - a way of expressing his own vision on what felt needed to be done or committed to.

I love that bravery of going exactly where he wants to go without confronting what was going on elsewhere - in other framing shops or Studios - at that moment.

Gordon always manages that balance between curiosity - or the sharpness of his observation - and his empathy to the craft and to the art itself."

Julien Bishop, Calgary



Takashi Murakami, Panda, 2022.

Jill Stanton, Prototype, Tempra on Paper. 2022


some more

"OH the Finesse of your Detail" 

Deborah Worsfold, Artist

"This Sweet and Sensitive Framing"

Dana Holst, Artist

"'These Frames', they're beautiful works of Art on their Own."

Diane Peitsch, Artist

"...thank you for making my Art look Amazing!! I am very very grateful!! AiyHiy.

Melissa-Jo Belcourt Moses, Indigenous Arts Curator, Art Gallery of Alberta


Danny Ross, Manager Business | Edmonton Arts Council


Friends of the University Hospital, Collections

Louis Vuitton, Edmonton

Louis Vuitton, Naples, Florida. USA

Scotia Bank Wealth Management, Fine Art Collections

Dentons, LLP


Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton

Ron + Dorothy Triffo Collection

Alex Janvier Art Gallery, Slave Lake, Alberta

Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton

Alberta Legislature, Premier's Portrait Gallery

City of Edmonton, Indigenous Collections

Kaye Edmonton Clinic, Dr. Rowland + Muriel Haryett Collection

Dale Nigel Goble, British Columbia

Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Edmonton

Alberta Investment Management Corporation | AIMCo Collection

Dean + Shannon Freeman Collection

Katz Entertainment Group



Cindy Lack Conservation Studio, Duncan, BC

MacEwan University, Allard Hall | Brenda Draney Trapline Series

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Kalaman + Demetriou / Art Consultancy | Toronto

Henry Geldzahler, Southampton, NY

ONE Properties

Kasian Architecture, Edmonton

Jennifer Buchanan Interior Design


John + Maggie Mitchell 

Edmonton Public Schools

Alberta Foundation of the Arts

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