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and here at AAIFramemaker we celebrate that a lot. But when it comes to design, sometimes it’s what surrounds the art that can make the work truly special—like our welded aluminum frame - one of the first of its kind - that became the standard for

mid-century artwork, prints and photographs

It’s always exciting to see an original,

This innovative design; our replicated circa-era frame - modelled after the Museum of Modern Art's 1960 Photographic Wing's new housings.

IMG_9806 2.JPG

 MoMA Pedigree

An elegant solution for modern presentation, inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair, the frames are polished but not ornamental, exploiting aluminum’s lightweight strength. The sides of the frames present a quiet contrast to the polished face: the aluminum is brushed, accentuating the range of what can be done with the raw material. We make sure the continuous brushed finish leaves little trace of the four corner welds, and the screws we use are aluminum. But this simplicity belies the design’s complexity: spending much time - as we do with all of our work - researching and perfecting them before the frames are put into use.

The metal appears as a continuous, polished edge to the work - as there are no mitres.


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