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Other Services

Vitrine Case Design

We offer museum cases for all types of objects.  We specialize in  archival cases with security capability. On the other end of the spectrum, we make cases that aren’t sealed, but work fine for keeping dust and small fingers away from your objects. We make many, many custom museum cases, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for below, just ask.


Art Pick up  + Delivery  

At AAI Framemakers we offer a variety of fine art shipping and handling services, including specialist art courier service tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding clients wishing to experience the highest level of convenience and expertise. Moreover, as an art business professional or collector, you know that a reliable art courier service is vitally important.


Art Storage

While many storage facilities will be happy to store your paintings, sculpture, and other valuable collectibles, not all of them are designed specifically for fine art storage and handling. To ensure that your artwork will come out in the same condition it went in, we ensure the storage facility is dedicated to fine art, maintains specific environmental controls and conditions, and has a strong security system, emergency plan in place, and a staff that’s trained to care for and handle art.


Object Display

All our display cases can be customized to the finest detail to meet your needs and requirements.

Wall Mounted Glass Display Cases are ideal to display a wide range of objects such as paintings, textiles, jewellery, stones and historical artifacts. All our display cases can be customized to the finest detail to meet your needs and requirements.


Shaped Strainers

After 1960, the shaped canvas emerged as a new form of abstract painting that reflected the optimistic spirit of a postwar space-race era when such forms as parallelograms, diamonds, rhomboids, trapezoids, and triangles suggested speed and streamlined stylization. The shaped canvas is frequently described as a hybrid of painting and sculpture. Here, at our Studio we make, design, stretch and ( when pushed ) invent new ways of doing new things, like these marvelous shapes that seem almost seem implausible - in any thickness, size and of course shape.


Art Crates

We offer a complete, bespoke packing service for the transportation of Fine Art and sensitive materials. We have International ISPM15 accreditation, to ensure all our crates are heat treated and will comply with Canada'a International trading partner's implemented landing regulations for wood packaging material. We work side by side with Alberta Art Installation Logistics, resulting in a highly informed and smooth running operation.


Candy Box Case

Candy Box Frames look like a frame, but act like a case. There is a finished inner floater frame, to which the art is attached. The Finished Cap - outer frame- captures the inner frame plus the glazing and hardware. Candy Box frames are made specifically for Public Spaces like Hospitals where original artwork needs to be protected, housed and kept safe. Like all of our frames, they're made to order, so we definitely have a profile for you and your work.


Plexi Boxes

Our Standard comes with a finished collar with a variety of deck options. You may choose a removable, fabric-wrapped archival deck or finished spray lacquered ground - in any colour or finish you may wish- just let us know or bring us a sample.  Alternatively, you may choose a Medex or acrylic base that is fixed in the aluminum collar.   We can outfit the case with archival gaskets and security screws. As a result, this will allow you to create and  maintain a sealed environment within the case.


Plinth + Pedestals

The interaction between plinth and sculpture in some cases is so strong that it is impossible to imagine one without the other. Our plinths can be a simple block or a pillar or as varied as the art is will hold or house. As  Art comes in different forms, shapes and sizes, so does our work; a meshing and collaboration , integrating space, sculpture and exhibition into one integrated composition.

As we're fabricators, designers and 'Makers' we can create any size, shape  of plinth  designed to increase interaction between the observer and your  work of art. 

The plinth has always been part of a sculpture. Our plinths do for a sculpture what our frames do for a for your art.



Corner Frames

Finished or Closed-Corner frames are the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship and are not comparable with cut and joined mouldings that are available in most frame shops. Closed corner frames are the first choice of Museums Galleries and Collectors. The completion of these types of  frames involves applying further and more intricate craftsmanship  due to the bespoke nature and custom tailoring of each assignment, adding potential value and quality to the work it houses. 

Once joined, closed corner frames are then finished in a variety of ways and mediums; from spray lacquers, gesso, gilding, staining and painting with a variety of techniques and skill to create a one of a kind frame 


 Shipping + Handling

We're a well-established art logistics company with decades of experience in handling and shipping art of any kind. Today, we offer a whole range of comprehensive art transportation services, including a variety of affordable art shuttle options, serving art dealers, galleries, museums, and private clients all over Alberta, Canada and the  United States.




Our Wooden Photo Ledge lets you layer your favourite prints in the three thin V-groove desk and allows for an every evolving collection as you rotate them for any occasion. Available in Walnut Cherry, Maple and made to order in any custom sizes 


MoMA 1960 

Welded Metal+ Aluminum Frames

Replicated from New York's iconic Museum of Modern Art's 1960 Opening  of the new Photography Wing - specifically designed for their collection and now made and produced by us. Hand-made in Calgary.


Art Advisery

AAI offers professional art advisory services, ranging from art appraisal and art authentication to art installation and set-up. We are very proud to work with many art experts specializing in different areas, and we are always ready to make introductions and connect you with the right people who can solve any of your art-related problems. These particularly include experts on artists you may be interested in, art authentication specialists and art appraisers who can determine art pricing, experienced restorers and art conservation experts, reliable art insurance companies, and serious art collectors and gallerists who can help you decide on any purchase.



Art Consult

AAI offers on-site consultations ( for Private and Corporate ) clients within Alberta. The professional Art services from our seasoned our team allows us to help first time art buyers curate their growing collections while also serving the needs of established collectors.

Contact us for more information


 Art Pack 

Art Crate

Our custom crates produced by our in-house crate makers guarantee the highest quality of crating services required for professional art packing, art delivery, art shipping, and art handling. At AAI, we hire only dedicated crating personnel passionate about their vocation and possessing rich, invaluable experience in engineering crates and securing items inside them, even when it comes to large art pieces. Crate making is a precise and responsible craftsmanship process for stabilization of every piece of art during transportation, so we deal with only true experts able to protect the most fragile and valuable items. 


Frame Design

There are solutions to everything;  we're always open to listen and take consideration to move forward on projects and special assignments. Bring us your ideas, questions, concepts and Art, and we'll be happy to help you make your work become a part of your interior and life.



+ other designs

As with everything we do, there are fresh new designs coming out  from our respective Studios - all the time.  Keep in the loop by following us on Instagram  @aai_framemaker

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